India-Brazil-South Africa Declaration on Clean Energy

Brazil: India-Brazil-South Africa Declaration on Clean Energy

The India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) trilateral development initiative began in 2003 to promote South-South initiatives on development, trade/investment, information exchange and cooperation in areas including agriculture, energy, health, and climate change. The second IBSA summit was held in October 2007. At this summit, the three countries reached agreement to work together in the promotion of nuclear energy, clean energy technologies and other renewable energies and in the endorsement of climate change mitigation. The countries agreed to pool resources to ensure a secure supply of safe, sustainable and non-polluting energy to meet global demand, particularly in developing countries. The declaration indicated that cooperation would include clean coal technologies and renewable energies such as biomass and innovative ways to transfer, develop and commercialise clean energy.

Date Implemented: 2003

Status: In Force

References: International Energy Agency