National Programme for Energy Development of States and Municipalities (PRODEEM)

Brazil: National Programme for Energy Development of States and Municipalities (PRODEEM)

The Program of Energy Development of States and Cities- PRODEEM, is an initiative that aims to take electric energy to agricultural communities using renewable resources. The government procures the necessary equipment and distributes it to the states and municipalities identified/chosen for projects. The projects focus on community development (schools, community centers, health facilities) rather than household electrification.

Date Implemented: 1994

Status: In Force; Government Initiative

Funding Information: For the implementation of the Action Plan, the IDB supported a US$9million grant. From 1996-2000 national treasury funds financed $21million reals, and the total budget for 2001 was another 60million reals. Also in 2001, 3,000 community systems were financed through international bidding, with a winning bid of 37 million reals for equipment, installation, operation and 3 years of maintenance. 

Milestones: The aim was to develop 20,000 MW of renewable energy capacity to power schools, health centers, community centers and water pump systems

References: National Communication to the UNFCCC

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