Top-1000 Enterprises Energy Conservation Action in China

China: Top-1000 Enterprises Energy Conservation Action in China

1008 top energy consumption enterprises in China were involved. The requirements for 1008 enterprises (including energy audit and Energy Conservation plan) have been identified, and incentives will be applied to these enterprises in order to improve their energy efficiency. Based on the plan, the Energy Conservation target is saving 100 million tce by 2010. According to the action plan of the program, the top-1,000 enterprises shall: establish energy conservation organization, formulate energy efficiency goals, establish an energy utilization reporting system, conduct energy auditing, formulate an energy conservation plan, invest in energy efficiency improving, adopt energy conservation incentives, and conduct training.

Date Implemented: until 2010 

Status: In Force; Voluntary

Targets: Within five years (2010), the total energy saving shall reach 0.1 billion tce.