National Energy Labelling Programme

India: National Energy Labelling Programme

In 2006, India pledged to launch a comprehensive energy labeling program for appliances under the framework of the Energy Conservation Act of 2001. The Indian Bureau of Energy Efficiency’s long-planned labeling program will first address refrigerators and fluorescent tube lamps. The rating will grade models on their energy efficiency, starting from one star, implying low energy efficiency, to a five star grade for the most energy efficient model. Energy labels are announced to become mandatory for many electricity-consuming appliances in 2007, including pumps, motors, air conditioners and televisions. The BEE plans to coordinate a consumer education campaign to publicize the new labels. In preparation for the label launch, the Indian government has planned countermeasures to false star labels.

Date Implemented: 2006

Status: In Force; Initially Voluntary, mandatory within six months

Funding Information: GEF has approved $5.5 million for India’s Standard and Labelling Program