Clean River Program or Program Kali Bersih (PROKASIH)

Indonesia: Clean River Program or Program Kali Bersih (PROKASIH)

The PROKASIH Program involved five steps: (1) establishing local PROKASIH teams; (2) identifying specific firms in highly polluting industries – the target polluters; (3) getting these firms to sign voluntary letters of commitment to reduce pollution loads by 50 percent within an agreed timeframe; (4) monitoring subsequent results; and (5) applying pressure on those not making efforts to comply with their commitment. The implementation of PROKASIH was carried out by provincial authorities with the support of central agencies as needed. In addition, the media, NGOs and community groups were encouraged to participate and get involved.

Date Implemented: 1989

Status: Voluntary

References: Indonesia Environment Monitor 2003, World Bank,$File/indo+monitor.pdf