Vision 2020

Malaysia: Vision 2020

The plan to achieve the government’s objective of becoming a developed nation by 2020 and sustaining a 7% annual growth rate and restructuring the manufacturing sector involves primarily securing the proper infrastructure and framework for the private sector to flourish.  The government aims to maintain its policies of deregulation and liberalization, its efforts to attract FDI and its emphasis on education and investment in human capital.  These efforts will lead to stronger local enterprises and the development of indigenous technologies.  The government will only provide the appropriate assistance schemes” to raise the level of management expertise, technological know-how and skills” and ensuring “healthy fiscal and monetary management.”  The environment is mentioned as a priority, and appropriate measure will be taken to protect it, as the government acknowledges that development is only meaningful for the long term future of the country if it is sustainable. 

Date Implemented: 1991

Status: In Force; Framework Policy

References: National Communication to the UNFCCC