Brazil: India-Brazil-South Africa Declaration on Clean Energy

Brazil: Inter-ministerial Commission on Climate Change (CIMGC)

The Inter-ministerial Commission on Climate Change (CIMGC), composed of nine ministries and headed by the Ministry of Science and Technology, was established in 1999 for the purpose of co-ordinating discussions on climate change and integrating the government’s policies in these ministries. The CIMGC provides input on the governments involvement with the UNFCCC and sets criteria and makes decisions on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects.

Brazil: Industrial local pollutant emissions offset law

Provides for the establishment of Air Emissions offset law (São Paulo) Reduction Programmes in areas with restricted
air quality. Also povides tax incentives and low-interest loans for efficient technologies

Date Implemented: 2006

Status: Mandatory

Brazil: Selective Incentive Programme for Solar Water heating in Sao Paulo Municipality

São Paulo, solar water heating mandatory in large residences after 2010 [this is not mentioned in the Legislative Proposal 276/06].

Date Implemented: 2006

Status: Mandatory by 2010

References: Legislative Proposal (Projeto de Lei) 276/2006, 28 April 2006

Brazil: PROBIODIESEL - Brazilian Program of Technological Development for Biodiesel

Brazil: International Action Programme (IAP), Brazil’s Hydropower Programme

Brazil: International Action Programme (IAP), Ethanol Green Fuel Production in Brazil

To transfer technology and know how in production, processing, distribution and use of ethanol either by itself or in mixture with gasoline, laying the foundation for international trade in green fuels.

Status: Framework Policy

Funding Information: Public/private partnerships.


Brazil: Wind Energy Emergency Program (PROEOLICA) This program supported the development of wind energy.

Date Implemented: 2001 Status: In Force

Target: Implementation of 1.050 MW of grid connected wind energy by the end of 2003

References: World Bank Project ID document

Brazil: Projeto Ribeirinhas

The project aims to study the viability of providing energy to small, rural communities particularly in the Amazon region, using microsystems that provide renewable energy in a sustainable manner.

Status: In Force; Government Initiative


Brazil: Sol Brasil

Sol Brasil is a program of the Ministry of Science and Technology designed to increase the use of solar water heating. Its initiatives and activities include a marketing scheme, qualification/certification standards for solar water heater installers, and R&D support and incentives to promote innovation with SWH companies.

Status: In Force