South Korea: National Energy Technology R&D

Mexico: Website to determine wheeling charges

India: Subsidies for Solar Power

India will subsidize solar power plants to the amount of 12 rupees (30 cents) per kilowatt hour. This plan will last for five years, and is expected to generate 10 billion rupees ($253.7 million) in private investment. 

Date Implemented: 2008

Status: In Force



Argentina: Proyecto de Energia Renovable en el Mercado Electrico Rural (PERMER)

Argentina: Renewable Energy Law

The Argentine statute outlines which sources of renewable energy will qualify for state support, provides tax breaks for renewable energy equipment and offers tariffs for certain renewable resources. It includes promotion of wind, solar, and small hydro power, a fuel cell project, and rural electrification. 

The project is designed to:

-identify policies for removing obstacles to renewables development;

Turkey: Energy Efficiency Law

Turkey: Petroleum Market Law

Turkey: Gas Tax

The Turkish government raised taxes on unleaded gasoline, diesel, and natural gas to increase revenues as the IMF had recommended.

Date Implemented: 2004

Status: In Force; Mandatory

References: EIA Country Analysis Brief: Turkey,


Turkey: Electricity Sector Reform Strategy

This policy undertakes the liberalization/privatization of the energy market in order to increase economic efficiency of production and delivery and increase the quality and reliability of the product.  Liberalization will implement cost-reflective prices.

Date Implemented: 2004

Status: In Force; Framework Policy

Turkey: Electricity Market Law (Law Number 4628)

This legislation generated two policies related to renewables: First, renewable energy facilities are only required to pay 1% of the total license fee or the license for construction, and they are exempt from license fees for the first eight years following the completion date.  Second, the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEIAS) and distribution companies are required to give priority status for renewables facilities’ systems connection.