Improved Balance of Payments

Turkey: Gas Tax

The Turkish government raised taxes on unleaded gasoline, diesel, and natural gas to increase revenues as the IMF had recommended.

Date Implemented: 2004

Status: In Force; Mandatory

References: EIA Country Analysis Brief: Turkey,


Saudi Arabia: Economic Liberalization/diversification

Turkey: Draft Law on Geothermal Resources and Spring Water

Turkey: Agricultural Strategy Paper 2006-2010

To promote environmental sound agricultural production and to improve production efficiency, food safety, environment, rural development. 

Date Implemented: 2006-2010

Status: In Force; Framework Policy

References: National Communication to the UNFCCC

Turkey: 9th Development Plan 2007/2013

Thailand: Strategic Plan for Energy Efficiency

Saudi Arabia: Integrated Independent Water and Power Projects (IWPP)

Saudi Arabia: Eighth Five-Year Plan

In the General Objectives the 5th and the 11th statements plan to diversify the economic base with due emphasis on promising areas such as manufacturing industries, particularly energy, and related derivatives, intensive industries, as well as mining tourism and information technology industries and to protect the environment and develop suitable systems in the context of sustainable development requirement.

Date Implemented: 2005-2010

Philippines: International Action Programme (IAP), Doubling the Generating Capacity from Renewable Energy Sources by 2013

To increase renewable energy-based capacity by 100% by 2013, increase efficiency and substantially contribute to the protection of the environment and contribute to the economic growth of the countryside through rural electrification.

Date Implemented: 2003-2013

Status: Voluntary

Philippines: The Philippines Energy Plan (PEP)