Electricity Consumption

South Africa: Integrated Energy Plan (IEP)

The Integrated Energy Plan outlines the direction and steps to be taken by South Africa to meet energy needs. The plan declares South Africa’s continued reliance on coal, but also uses modeling to forecast which energy sources can be used most effectively to meet demand under four different scenarios. The plan advocates diversification of energy sources, including renewables, as well as fuel switching to improve energy efficiency. 

South Africa: Solar Traffic Lights

South Africa has begun a pilot program for solar power traffic lights. Four pairs of lights have been installed in  Cape Town to test their success. Due to power interruptions, officers often have to direct traffic when lights are out. If the project is a success, South Africa hopes to expand the program for more solar traffic lights. 

Date Implemented: 2008

Status: Planned; Pilot phase

India: Pre-payment Electricity Metering

The Indian government introduced a pre-payment metering system for all government departments and private sector consumers with single-phase and three-phase electricity load below 45kW, to discourage power usage and ensure payment of bills.


Date Implemented: 2007

Status: In Force

China: Regulations on Electricity Supervision and Control

Together with the Regulations on Electricity Regulation, this scheme seeks to create a competitive domestic market for energy. The State Electricy Regulatory Commission (SERC) is to supervise and regulate the electricy price and issue electric power permits to businesses.

Date Implemented: 2005

References:Energy and Power in China: Domestic Regulation and Foreign Policy, The Foreign Policy Centre, http://fpc.org.uk/fsblob/448.pdf

Brazil: Yellow Tariff

State Policy of Minas Gerias - installation of seasonal meters and surcharging electricity consumed in peak hours.  Residential customers using more than 200 kWh/month and commercial customers consuming more than 500 kWh/month will have special metering equipment installed in order to allow application of the new tariff. 


Status: In Force; Mandatory

References: National Communication to the UNFCCC